Man in woods

Beyond the Wall

Beyond the Wall is a project born at the turn of the fortieth anniversary of the earthquakes that brought the northern Italian town Gemona del Friuli to its knees in 1976. In the aftermath of the tragedy, the rural community of Friuli has rediscovered itself in solidarity, revealing itself never as before cohesive, and Gemona […]

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People waiting for Pope behind the fence

Waiting for Francis

Observing huge mass phenomena has been always one of the most interesting activities for photographers, journalists, and professionals involved in communication. In 2015, because of the Holy Shroud Exhibition, approximately two million people reached Turin to observe the Linen that is supposed to be the one that covered Jesus’ body in the tomb. On June

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Three silver balloons say H E Y


Be P(Art) project connects a network of associations involved in theatre, street circus, subjects with special needs, hospitality, and figurative arts. Scuotidentro is a community-based multimedia campaign for Circolo Arci Scuotivento (Monza, Italy). It told the stories of those who orbit around the laboratories, with the purpose of building a community whose individuals reflect their

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