Be P(Art) project connects a network of associations involved in theatre, street circus, subjects with special needs, hospitality, and figurative arts.

Scuotidentro is a community-based multimedia campaign for Circolo Arci Scuotivento (Monza, Italy). It told the stories of those who orbit around the laboratories, with the purpose of building a community whose individuals reflect their limits and dreams by accepting the other.




Human Rights, Education, Inclusion, Art




Scuotidentro campaign aimed to strengthen community feeling and work around a network of associations, individuals and the neighbourhood of ARCI Scuotivento facility.


The mini-stories fuelled the social media visibility campaign and implemented the following fundraising campaign of ARCI Scuotivento.

Here is a selection.

“My mother was a real marshal, in conflicts with my father, she was the real lion. That’s why I value women, when in doubt, I tell myself, they’re right.

I loved my wife very much, my marriage was an exciting experience, a true multicultural experiment.

We have both suffered prejudice from our respective families. She was a true Milanese, accused of being a woman of easy virtue, I was a man from the south. A polygamist and a cheater.

How did I get the better of my mother? I took her to one of the classic places where the couples of the country meet to make love. She had to face the fact that Southern women weren’t exactly all virgins either. From that moment on, woe betide anyone who touched her daughter-in-law!”

– Leonardo

“I’m for invasion!

…hehe, that’s a joke, of course. But, I mean, here’s the thing: there’s a majority of poor people going where a minority is comfortable. Either you understand how inevitable this dynamic is and equip yourself to deal with it or… you’ll have to suffer it. It’s simple.

Monza needs places where people can feel like a community and here in Trattoria Popolare there is a kind of Arci Scuotivento Family.

Here I can combine the pleasure of cooking for others with the pleasure of teaching the rudiments of kitchen work to interns and asylum seekers who are committed to having an opportunity. Thus, through a concrete gesture, I face indifference, clichés and obtuseness that too often affect people who, like all of us, are fighting for their future”.

– Marco

Men and women in aprons cross their shoulders with a smile

“If I was told to pack in the morning, I wouldn’t even ask where to, I’d go without a second thought.

I don’t like habits, constant repetition. In life, in relationships, you need fantasy. Why should I kill my days by accepting boredom? Sorry, it’s not for me. I’ve only realized it over the years: not everyone can handle my pace. And that’s OK.

Now I only have people next to me who accept what I am, I want to be able to live without the obligation to please someone and feel free to be myself. If I were to go back with today’s maturity I would remain open to all experiences, to every occasion, I wouldn’t look for easy, reassuring solutions, but for stimuli.

I always tell my children: life is yours! Freedom! Go! Do!”

– Maria

A woman with a gentle smile

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